Thursday, May 18, 2006


Queen E-LISA-beth Reigns

Baker Gets Crowned

Needless to say we are disgusted with the outcome of the Republican primary. We will be doing a complete Monday morning quarterback analysis of the race sometime within the next few days. What further adds to our disgust is two run-ins with her majesty on election day. If royalty exists in NEPA. it is Lisa Baker.

We had the honor of meeting the annointed one and her entourage at a polling place in Pike County. If anyone believes that Baker can represent the needs of the "common man," they are sadly mistaken. Our other run in with Her Highness occured at her 'victory' party, (a victory for her, a defeat for NEPA.) We haven't been in a room of so many stuck-up, self important people in a hell of a long time. It was quite appropriate that these snobs decided to hold their party at a country club. The biggest sacrifice that most of the people in that room had to make was settling for sevruga over beluga caviar.

Too bad the district is gerrymandered so much to the Republicans, because it looks as though we'll have Lisa Baker to kick around for many years to come. The only solace we have is the fact that our expectations of her are so low, that she can do nothing but exceed those expectations.

You know Norton you really are classless - Lisa was gracious enough to invite you to her party and you bash her and all those attending. I am a volunteer for her and am in no position to afford that club but was honored to have attended - It was fun and I am happy to be part of such a positive organization - crawl back under your rock with Haggerty.
Norton, Good to see you back. Expand a little, the 10th CD is going to be a fun one.
Norton, here's an analysis - You and your cronies got their asses kicked!
Norton, I wish you would have introduced yourself to me at the party. Sorry I missed the caviar, the fruit and cheese was enough for me and Frank.

Admit it. Your boy Jimmie, my former friend, had his ass handed to him by 8:35 Tuesday night. The polls should have told him it wasn't worth it to go negative, but I've never met a media advisor/agency to say no to increased media buys in the last desperate days of a failing campaign.
Batten down the hatches here she comes... and look out she's gonna get even!
Don't get too excited yet about this senseless creep. There will be no one in Harrisburg to roll out the red carpet for her as her chums and old bosses are now history. Now hopefully she'll be shoved back in a corner and given low grade committee assignments.
Lisa's not in yet. Don't forget B-Mac, the "Pro-life" Democrat.
Unfortunately, there aren't enough Democrats to make a difference.
Queen Lisa,

Maybe Senator Jubelier can introduce you to a good sturdy pool buy to serve as your personal staff assistant.

Pat S. is too old for that.
Queen Elizabeth II (of England) had a sister who was a drunk.

Queen Elisabeth (of the 20th district) has a brother who is a convicted criminal.

Hey, you can't pick your blood family.
Yeah, not much you can do about your relatives...after all, Jimmy Carter had his Billy, Hillary Clinton has her Hugh and Tony, the Kennedys had (glub glub)Teddy, (mixed meds)Patrick, (womanizer) oh wait, that would be most of them... They were ok as leaders, right?

As they say... "You can choose your freinds, but you can't your senator" (in NEPA, the party machine will do that for you).
Why doesn't the news media pick up on Lisa's criminal brother? Are they controlled, too??
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