Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Queen Elisabeth

Baker Refers to Her Time With the Ridge Administration as "Her Reign" (20thsenatorial Exclusive)

We here at 20thsenatorial thought we fought a revolution back in the 18th century to rid this nation of the monarchy. Apparently Elisabeth J. Baker hasn't received that news or at least disputes it. On Monday night at the Susquehanna County League of Women Voters debate, Baker referred to her time with Governor Tom Ridge as "her reign." Yes, "her reign."

The comment raised more than a few eyebrows in the crowd at the United Methodist Church in South Gibson, Susquehanna County. We heard one woman say, "her reign? Is she going to be sworn in or receive a coronation?"

We've asked Baker for a comment on this, and will post it when we receive it.

Ain't no bout a doubt it! Nothing for the Queen eLISAbeth to deny. It's on video and will be aired soon.
Alas! How grand were the days in Elisabethan Pennsylvania!
Something is rotten in the state of Pennsylvania.
Brian Grove tells us the term reign was "Simply a euphemism for time."
I guess he would also say election is "Simply a euphemism for appointment."
Anonymous, you made us laugh.
Ah yes, euphemism. Is that like Youth In Asia or can't say pro-life?
What's wrong with the plastic lady referring to 'her reign"? Was was once quoted at one gathering as saying 'she loves government' too. Was that a slip of the tongue or was she reading from her Brian Grove script as usual?
It certainly gives you an idea of what she thinks of us...

Anonymous 10:47pm, I would love to see her have a "truth slip" and state her true position on abortion.
Hey guyz knock this stuff off or they'll be putting old pompous Charlie on oxygen.
Hey Rusty do you need any grief counseling yet?
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