Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Susquehanna GOP Women Endorse Baker

Another Endorsement for Baker

We received the following press release from the Baker camp. It is printed in its entirety.

Baker Endorsed by Susquehanna County Council of Republican Women

Endorsement is a first for the organization.

DALLAS – The Baker for Senate campaign is pleased to announce that the Susquehanna County Council of Republican Women has endorsed the candidacy of Lisa Baker in the 20th Senatorial District race.

“The Council works to educate women about Republican principles, stimulate interest in public issues, provide political education, and increase the number of Republican women voters and elected officials,” said council president Sue Eddleston. “We have never endorsed in a primary before, but our membership is very enthusiastic about Lisa’s experience and platform. Lisa knows our community, knows the issues, and has a record of getting things done for over 20 years. We are proud to lend our support.”

“The Susquehanna County Council of Republican Women is dedicated to the advancement of Republican principles and the promotion of honest government,” said Baker. “I’m grateful to have the support of this dynamic group of Republican leaders.”

Pictured from left to right: Betty Crocker, Shirley Duncan-Hines, Lisa the Baker, Sandra Lee, and Little Debbie
For Immediate Release:

Milford Second Ward Republican Women Over the Age of Ninety-five with Good Hearing and Not Widowed Within the Last Five Years Unanimously Endorse Baker

The Milford Second Ward Republican Women Over the Age of Ninety-five with Good Hearing and Not Widowed Within the Last Five Years have unanimously endorsed Lisa Baker for Senate.

"It was a tough choice," said Mildred Grove, "but we interviewed them all, and Lisa was the best choice. How's that Brian? Is that what you wanted me to say?"

No picture was available.
Your jealousy is showing....when do the Barstools of Kingston have their endorsement meeting?
Oh, that's really funny -- drunk Irishman jokes. Why don't we cut to the chase with the "your momma" jokes.
Isn't that Sara Lee?
Will we be seeing an endorsement of Baker from Dr. Nick Colangelo anytime soon? I hear they spent some time together on several occaisions and probably will be spending some more time together after the election.
well at least they are of the opposite sex.
ya that's real intelligent. more and more the reason I will no longer just vote for Lisa but work to get her elected
B. Rove, so nice for you to stick up for your boss.
wrong race for Clear Brook to be involved. Don't you mean Rev. Shimkus in the 113th? Is he really Pat Kennedy's cousin? I always knew the Scranton/Kennedy connection went beyond the Kopechne family.
Blue Ribbon prevention funding on the way, right Lisa? We don't want Rusty to hurt himself the next time he falls off the bar stool
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