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Wanna Be Director of the Blue Ribbon Foundation?

Give Money to The Northeast PA Leadership Fund (20thsenatorial Exclusive)

Blue Ribbon Foundation Director Cynthia Yevich was one of the earliest contributors to the Northeast PA Leadership Fund (NEPALF.) Cynthia Yevich, the current holder of the Lisa Baker position at the Blue Ribbon Foundation gave $100.00 on December 14, 2004 and $150.00 on September 15, 2005. Her first contribution was only the second one received by the Political Action Committee. We almost didn't find it among the multi-thousand dollar contributions of the likes of Andrew ($5,000) and William Sordoni ($5,000), Robert DiSanto ($10,000) , and Robert Tambur ($10,000.)

NEPALF was set up to promote the political career of Baker. Just like Ridge's similarly named Fund for Pennsylvania Leadership, NEPALF collected large sums of money to promote their candidate. NEPALF has given two major campaign contributions to one candidate -- Lisa Baker. On April 3, 2006, the PAC wrote a $20,000.00 check to Baker for Senate. The fund also gave Baker $5,000.00 on November 9, 2005. (Their other contributions, besides spending $4000 on computer equipment, amounted to $750.00.)

The mailing address of the NEPA LF is 22 Kimberly Drive, Dallas, PA 18612. So if you're looking for a job at the Blue Ribbon Foundation, just send a check, along with a resume.

W. Mark Felt always said "follow the money."

Eh goombody, Im'a da guy who sez who gets in ur not. If you a no at my summer birthday party forget it. An dis goes for dis skinny broad what's her name Lisa too. Since T N Wood is gone I makka da rules anoun here. If I sez shes in, shes in. Copeche?
The information on this blog astounds me, and I cannot for the life of me figure out why the traditional media outlets (daily papers, tv news) don't pick up on this stuff.
that's because they already know who's behind it....just wait until Sunday.
Thank you
you'll never find any of this in the local paper when one of baker's cronies sits on a board for a charity with her, and publishes a certian rag called a newspaper
Hey Norton...What does Haggerty's campaign contribution list look like? What did you dig up there? Who were his big contributers? How about those affliations? Please let us ALL know.
Can you list all 6,843 contributors and their amounts please?
Haggerty's list has not been posted on the Bureau of elections site as of 9:00pm, Wednesday. Once it is posted, I'll take a look at it. All I know is what I read in the paper. The largest contributors (not Haggerty himself) that they listed were a $10,000 contirbution from his aunt and I believe a $5000 contribution from his college room mate.
guess he's posting it the same way he's posting his crime reports - late and in code
I checked the DOS website, and for the latest reporting cycle there's nothing from Haggerty, Bigus, Sutton or McNamara.

I can't wait to see the Sutton report though. The press will have a field day when they see all that money from Big Corn.
To Anonymous 9:19pm, whose 6,843 contributors? And to anonymous 9:35pm, that Big Corn comment is funny!!!
I meant to NEPALF I'm sure there are many contributors
Question me not Norton, for I am the giver of his word!
Oh come on now you guys, big corn? That's enough! Just because Carl's a little on the stupid side is no reason for you to act like this.
The local papers have reported on the finance reports. Two things are clear: Sutton did not get money from Big Corn and in retrospect he will appear the most intelligent of all candidates. FACT: at least three campaigns that spent 100,000+ will lose in this primary.
Norton...you have been doing so much investigational work lately on Baker. Let's see the big article on all of Haggerty's contribtions later on today. Would that be enought time? Maybe this will blow our socks off!
To Anonymous 8:54 am. We're trying to get our hands on the Haggerty camapign finance report, because it wasn't posted on line. I hope to have it by later today. We will go over it with a fine tooth comb. (BTW, I assume Baker's report is on line, because she must have filed it electronically. The candidates who haven't been posted, must have filed the old fashioned way. DOS will eventually get the reports online, when they manually type them in.)
Thanks so much Norton....I cannot wait to see what you uncover later on today! The Baker stuff is getting quite old.
Anything yet????
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