Sunday, May 07, 2006


We're Back

Felt Springs for a Trip to Richmond

We're back in town after a short trip to Richmond, Virginia. W. Mark Felt just starting receiving his royalty checks from his new book, and he decided to spring for a limousine to take us to and from the NASCAR race in Richmond.

It was a great race. Dale Earnhardt, Jr. won. It's just too bad that the race was a sell out. W. had to sit in the limo during the whole race, because we didn't have enough money to pay for a scalped ticket for him. I guess it wasn't that bad, because loud noises frighten W.

We'll be posting bright and early tomorrow, with a story that will blow your socks off.

Glad you had a good time but let me guess about the story -- Lisa Baker ........gee you fill in the blank I'm sure it's something bad. I like this blog alot but really your headline reads you are covering the news about the 20th. Not random thoughts (and I'm sure misinformation) from candidate's camps. Too bad -polls can make you do crazy things in the last week. Remember negative only reniforces the base!
Negative reinforces the base?

Guess you don't do much reading.

Go check out the book "Going Negative" by Steven Ansolobehere.

It SHRINKS the base.
Guess we'll see --- seems to me the polls must have blown a few , maybe 4 other, candidates out of the water.
but we won't see it here because it's not really about the news is it???
And Steven Ansolobehere worked on who's campaign?
What polls, the ones that were never published or the second batch of telephone polls that you hope come back in favor of your candidate? Keep taking them until you get results you like. This race is close and everyone knows that.
If there was a poll that showed any candidate with more than a fraction of the lead, that candidate would be shouting it loud and long...but the fact of the matter is, nearly half of the voters are undecidided in this race.
My only hope is, if they don't have all the facts, they won't go to the polls.
To Anonymous #1. We cover the good and the bad. We have also had a policy from the beginning, wherein we print candidate responses verbatim. We don't edit them like the newspapers. Candidates will of course put a positive spin on everything they send us. After all, they're trying to get elected.

The reason we printed the Baker/Blue Ribbon story is because we believe it is news. I just wish we had the resources to do a more in depth look into the Blue Ribbon Foundation, because, to be quite frank, this Blue Ribbon Foundation stuff should make evryone think. We have received other comments about how the money give aways were fixed, but we can't verify that, so we didn't print it, ... yet.
When I went to my doctor for allergy medication I thought the political signs were tasteless. I even wondered if they were illegal since the doctors get $ from insurance companies. Now I realize they were just paying Baker back for her BRF money.
I hope the election shows what the polls probably show...people are sick of politicians. Vote for the person who will look out for everyone, not just people who paid big bucks to their campaign. I hope we get more info on the financial reports, Saturday's Times Leader article seemed to leave alot out. Hey Nort, why don't you look into this.
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