Wednesday, May 03, 2006


You No Answer Our Questions, We No Posta Your Press Releases

New Policy for Posting of Candidate Press Releases

20thsenatorial has instituted a new policy. Director of Rules and Regulations of 20thsenatorial Dr. Earl Butz, pictured to the right, announced the implementation of a new 20thsenatorial policy for candidate submissions.

"We have been asking candidates specific questions on specific issues. Some candidates have been very cooperative in giving responses, others have not. From this point forward (May 3, 2006,) we will not post candidate press releases if they have not answered our questions regarding specific issues. We are not looking for "War and Peace" length answers to our questions, just answers. If you cannot do the courtesy of answering our questions, we will not do you the courtesy of posting your press releases."

Vernon Wormer, Enforcer of 20thsenatorial Rules and Regulations (pictured above left) has also chimed in on this matter.

"Any candidate who does not answers questions posed to them by 20thsenatorial will be placed on double secret probation until the time that the questions are answered. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated."

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